From outdated to upgraded: How Catalyst achieved a large hybrid workplace on a shoestring budget

From outdated to upgraded: How Catalyst achieved a large hybrid workplace on a shoestring budget

The 3000m2 central government agency hub at Kate Sheppard was to become the new home for 3 teams from separate sites to coexist in while still owning their individual properties and identities in their own right.

Prioritising the Workplace strategy phase in the project was a key component and informed how much space they needed before signing the lease.

It was a balancing act, carefully considering the working groups that would occupy the finished space and their different needs, all while ensuring our design was uniform across each of the 5 floors, allowing for the potential growth and contraction of team scalability for our client in the future. This solution was supported with the creation of flexible neighbourhoods, with a selection of workplace settings to choose from, accommodating both collaborative and quiet focus work.

Through innovative design, we reused as much existing fitout as possible to provide a cost-effective solution and where we did spend money it was on key enhancements, including the shared kitchen and social hub, focus rooms, and the community floor.  Working closely with our internal team to provide feasibility budgets from the outset ensuring the designer and client expectations aligned.

Our designers looked to transform and modernise the space; adding design flair through colour and material selections to transform the space. Our team strategically used tones taken from the natural landscape of Aotearoa; from earthy, clay tones and going up into the green of the treetops bringing warmth and personality to the space.

Leading the furniture selection process ensured settings to support different activities were provided and fit for purpose.  We were careful to ensure all finishes and fabrics were co-ordinated with the fitout.

Our expert team supported this government agency right from the outset with the review of the government performance specifications, being the client advocate in landlord discussion to help provide guidance in the establishing the landlord scope of work.

As the project moved into construction, it had the added complexity of the landlord undertaking significant seismic and base build upgrades happening simultaneously to the fitout works. Our project managers and constructions managers collaborative solution focussed approach were critical to make this situation work and maintain programme as well as relationships with all involved.

The landlord representative was very pleased with the team and approach saying: “[Catalyst were] efficient, easy to deal with, and focused on achieving a project outcome to the benefit of all parties.”

Catalyst experts were leading the journey throughout the entire process, to make sure the project was successful for all parties, showing that with the right partners you can deliver a cost-effective, fit-for-purpose, modern workplace.