International Womens Day

International Womens Day

Today we celebrate the success and talent of our incredible wāhine.

Keep reading to learn how a handful of our many talented wāhine at Catalyst across our studios and departments are trailblazing their careers in architecture, design, and delivery, and what advice they have to share for those considering or working in the industry.

International Womens Day serves a cause that is larger than a day itself; it is more than one day in a year. It is a reminder of the constant strength and spirit within each of our wahine that often goes unnoticed - whose accomplishments are the results of hard work, passion, and determination, not chance.

This year's theme is to 'Inspire Inclusion'; honouring diversity and empowerment of women of all walks of life. It is an opportunity to educate ourselves on women's history and hardships over the years and acknowledge the power and perserverance of those around and before us.

The building industry is largely male-dominated, with women making up less than 20% of the workforce (Oct 2023). Catalyst are proud to value the female voice and advocate for women in leadership, with our wāhine making up 66% of our nationwide team.

Here's to our wāhne in power, our leaders, our everyday providers and guardians, our supporters, our friends, and whānau. Tēnā koutou - Thank you. Let's celebrate your successes every day.

Kayla Allan
(Associate and Regional Manager Wellington) -

What is one of your career highlights from working at Catalyst?

It's a culmination of the last 15 years, embarking on a journey with incredible people who have become family to me. Our growth, no only as a business, but as individuals, is so gratifying.

I'm especially proud of Catalyst's strong female presencer and our commitment to valuing talent and capability regardless of gender. Seeing more of our women take on gritty, gender non-conforming roles with exceptional prowess is a testament to our ethos, and makes me imensely proud.

Hayley Freeman
(Project Manager) -

What is the best career advice you have been given?

Be your most authentic self - unapologetically.
My best results have come from being my true self.

Passion is what makes a project successful, and the strongest delivery teams are made up of different trades and personalities that work cohesively - and have fun while doing it!

Add you own value and own it!

Shona Chippindale
(Interior Designer and Workplace Strategist) -

What inspires and drives your motivation at work?

I like the sentiment: Don't accept that it can't be done until you've explored that it can't be done.
As a designer, I love embracing a challenge and reproducing the new within the old.

I also love being able to bounce ideas off other amazing people. I feel especially lucky that here at Catalyst, I am surrounded by so many incredible talented women to do this with. And when you nail it, you nail it!

Jacqui Le Prou
(Commercial Manager) -

What is your favourite part about working at Catalyst?

Being a successful career woman, a devoted wife, and soon-to-be mum!
You can really do anything you put your heart, soul, and a sh*t load of passion into.

I love that I work for a company that values and empowers the female voice. Seeing the women around me smash their life goals, grow in their careers, and push adversity aside makes me immensely proud.

Grace Alexander
(Senior Architectural Designer) -

Who is someone that inspires you?

My best friend! We've known eachother since we were 12.

Her involvement in organising events and advocating for women and diversity at her job in a male-dominated industry is incredible. I have a lot of respect for her, watching her find her voice and become a proactive and powerful part of her community.

She inspires me to pursue my goals with confidence; to go after what I want and own it.