Mānawatia a Matariki

Mānawatia a Matariki

🌠 Ngā mihi o Matariki, te tau hou Māori! Happy Matariki!

Catalyst honoured the Māori proverb Matariki whetū heri kai; Matariki, the bringer of food by celebrating with a studio potluck, rich with kai from our childhoods and diverse cultures!

Noho tahi, coming together, and Hākari, feasting, are some of the key values of Matariki. And what better way to celebrate this year’s theme, Matariki heri kai, the feast of Matariki, than with a delicious potluck? Here’s what our team brought to our Matariki Feast 🎉😋

On top of this, today we celebrate the Māori New Year and its three key principles:

💭 Matariki Hunga Nui, Remembrance; honouring those we have lost since the last rising of Matariki.

🎉 Matariki Ahunga Nui, Celebrating the Present; gathering together to give thanks for what we have.

🌟 Matariki Manako Nui, Looking to the Future; looking forward to the promise of a new year.

Laura Becker, one of our talented Designers, created this beautiful graphic to represent the nine stars of Matariki.

“This graphic is a symbolic collage of images within 9 segments, seeking to represent the 9 star cluster of Matariki. Each segment alluding to the essence of a star within the cluster. A visual representation of values such as aspirations, nature and coming together, within our lives at this time of reflection & celebration.” - Laura Becker, Catalyst Designer.