Meet Lewis Watson: Leading Project Delivery

Meet Lewis Watson: Leading Project Delivery

Meet Lewis Watson, one of our Associates, Project Directors, and Project Delivery Team Lead.

Get to know his project management approach with this quick Q&A.

Q: How would you describe your project management approach?

My primary focus is on fostering strong relationships, providing education, and ensuring the highest quality standards across all our projects.

In New Zealand, project management roles can vary significantly based on client requirements and project styles. I prioritise a relationship-centric approach, tailoring governance to best fit the unique needs of each project.

Catalyst operates a dual service offering as both Client-Side Consultants and Design and Build Contractors giving us a comprehensive understanding of both perspectives. This dual capability enables me and my team to offer well-informed, flexible, and effective project management solutions, ensuring seamless collaboration and successful project outcomes.

Q: What experiences have shaped your perspective on project management

Growing up in Canterbury and starting my career in cadastral surveying introduced me to Tier 1 projects through the construction of Deans Stand at the now-lost AMI/Jade Stadium.

The Canterbury earthquake provided an opportunity to shift into project management, and I subsequently spent nine years focusing on commercial building refurbishment and mixed-density construction across the South Island during the earthquake recovery phase. Witnessing the extent of damage to buildings and working with key consultants to devise complex repair solutions, as an insurer representative, shaped my perspective on the importance of buildability.

My career has predominantly been in the building refurbishment space, where healthy collaboration in projects while maintaining a focus on core deliverables has been crucial.

Q: What is a strong influence of your role?

Catalyst operates with a high degree of speed day in and day out, hence it is standard practice for us to be very proactive and pragmatic regardless of whether we are operating in client-side roles or design and build projects.

Managing a design and build project requires a high degree of internal coordination and document quality assurance due to ownership. Because of this experience as an MC, both myself and the team are well positioned to scale both sides of the project delivery roles.

Q: What fills your cup outside of work?

Wouldn’t be a surprise to know I’m a rather active relaxer. Used to be a bit of a golfer, but nowadays my time is limited to the odd corporate event, and a causal round with some mates. I’m also blessed with a beautiful and busy family life at home, with the addition of a little boy due in August. So, I feel like my golf game isn’t going to get much attention in the short term!

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Contact Lewis:

Lewis Watson - Project Delivery Team Lead | Associate | Project Director | +64 27 425 9733