Pahikara Concept

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Pahikara Concept


With the Greytown to Featherston section of the Wairarapa cycle trail opening in 2021, Adam Blackwell, a local business owner, developed a plan to cater to the needs of the numerous cycling tourists expected to visit the area in the future. Pahikara, which means 'Bicycle' in Māori, is a proposed hospitality complex comprising accommodations, a restaurant, entertainment facilities, cycle rental, and a boutique cinema, situated in the centre of Greytown.

  • Client
    Adam Blackwell, Developer
  • Address
    110 Main Street, Greytown
Catalyst was given the opportunity to submit a proposal along with two other architectural projects.

Architects Gina Jones and Xin Jiang led the Catalyst team in developing a concept design for Pahikara, with the goal of adding vibrancy to the town centre in a managed and controlled manner. In addition to serving visitors, Adam realised the importance of providing facilities for residents, hence the inclusion of a boutique cinema that could also be used for presentations or small concerts. The concept also featured a rooftop bar where locals could enjoy a drink while watching the sunset and then walk or cycle home.

Catalyst's proposal was unique in that it reflected Adam's personal vision for the Pahikara project, which aligned well with our architectural values of respect and empathy for local heritage. In addition to working with typical consultants, we anticipated collaborating with local authorities, Iwi, GHT, archeologists, and special interest groups. Adam's goal was for the project to facilitate a connection with the local iwi, prioritise sustainability (including a requirement for no carparks and consideration for dark sky requirements), and enhance the vibrancy of the town center for the benefit of the wider community.

Although the project was not approved by the local council, they stated that elected officials would make the final decision on land use, and all possibilities would be examined. At present, the land that the Pahikara development intends to use is being utilised by the Greytown Menz Shed and a nearby company, and the council is evaluating the land's advantages and the community's demands.

Watch the Pahikara video which features Catalyst's concepts and design renders here: Pahikara Video